Who are we?

We are a chain of hotels and restaurants in the wonderful country of Austria that wants to introduce young people in the world of hospitality.

What is our mission?

We want these young people to understand if this great field is really for them and the most important aspect of our mission is to make them see how the job should be done.

Where will you work?

Being placed in the picturesque region of Carinthia, situated in the Eastern Alps, a region known for its mountains and lakes, our hotels gave us and the people who have been here the pleasure of a healthy environment and, the very important thing to us, the possibility of interaction with the nature.

What’s in for you?

Searching your career path or thinking that this is in the hospitality industry? If you are an undergraduate who wishes to find out if the hospitality is really for you or you are just wondering how the hospitality industry works or maybe how the entire business world really is, you may have found the right place.

In a short time, after you have been taken by people who have worked many years in the field of hospitality and business administration – years in which they have developed a vast experience – this opportunity will make you be able to figure this industry.

From the basic talking with the clientele to the management or accounting that lie around the business itself, this internship offers the benefit of learning how the work should be done in this field.

Our purpose is to introduce our participants in the world of hospitality and tourism, focus on your abilities and make you realize your capacity.

Are you ready for your next adventure?

Join our paid summer or winter internship in Hospitality Industry. Finding a career path was never considered to be an easy task, but we are planning to give you the possibility of practicing everything that you heard about during your lectures. By getting the real insights of a business and performing a large variety of tasks, you will definitely find out if the Tourism Industry suits you.

Edelweiss Group offers two types of internship. The first one takes one months and it is only paid by our company, while the second one takes two month and it is supported by an ERASMUS Scholarship, therefore in the end you will get the financial help offered by the ERASMUS Program and also a salary from our company.

Our company will provide you with accommodation and three meals/ day during the mobility period.


In order to be able to lead your own business one day, you need to know what the duties of your own employees are, and this is the part where we will help you out, so here is what you will have to do:

  • Cleaning services
  • Check-in
  • Check-out
  • Services to customers

However, let’s not forget that this is also a teaching program, so we will also provide you with different types of lectures and workshops about the financial and managerial part behind of this business.

You will still have time to explore the surroundings…

You will work 40 hours/ week and you will also get one free day/ week. You have the opportunity to make your own schedule, meaning that you can decide when to take your free days, so in the end you will have enough time to also visit the area.

Put this opportunity on your calendar!

You can choose 4 periods for the internship, during the winter or the summer season.

One Month

  • 16th December – 16th January

Two Months

  • 10th February – 16th April
  • 1st July – 31st  August
  • 1st August – 30th September