Jogging and Mountainbiking


Running at altitudes ranging between 1,200 and 1,300 metres

Now that the health effects of running as a popular sport has been confirmed, the wellbeing can be increased a notch by running in the mountains!

Mallnitz boasts an almost flat trail network for runners at altitudes ranging between 1,200 and 1,300 metres. All routes have been measured and are clearly labelled. Choose from the 4 km track and the 10 km run to the half marathon track. The corresponding maps are available at the tourist office.

The summit trail guarantees a “lasting effect”

If you aspire career advancement, you should visit the mountains. Moderate altitude is an ideal exercise terrain for advancement, explains Austria’s “Pope of altitudes”, Egon Humpeler

Professor Egon Humpeler (60) resides in Bregenz and teaches in Innsbruck. As the only European altitude researcher with a professorship, he observed three decades ago, that something was happening to him in the thinner air at the so-called moderate altitude (1500 to 2,500 m) which was beneficial to both his condition and performance.

Meanwhile, he researched all the phenomena associated with the mountains that affect the human organism in more than one hundred subjects over a period of many years. Humpeler spearheaded the first global sports medicine study AMAS (Austrian Moderate Altitude Study) which he conducted in collaboration with his research partner Wolfgang Schobersberger of Innsbruck.

The results, based on more than eight million data, are spectacular: minor oxygen deficiency induces a living cell therapy of the body. Large amounts of red blood cells are generated at moderate altitude; they transport more oxygen into the blood, thus vitalising the organism. This results in an oeconomisation of the heart due to a change in the cardiac circulation and blood pressure. Chest tightness disappears allowing us to breathe deeply again.

Slimming therapy

What’s more, the weight is reduced too: Movement at high altitudes helps us loose weight. There is no better way to loose weight naturally for “corpulent” people.

“It is especially positive, that the reduction refers to the body fat mass, while the water and fat-free body mass remain unchanged”, Humpeler points out.


The mountainbiking trails in and around Mallnitz offer the perfect opportunity to let your adrenaline rush to suitable levels.

Recommended reading: Bike Traumtouren Grossglockner – Mölltal-Oberdrautal (Bike dream tours in the Grossglockner – Möll Valley-Oberdrau Valley region) (ISBN 3-7688-1453-X). The book is also available at the Mallnitz visitor information.