Other activities


The skating rink in Mallnitz is located close to the Tauern Pool and is open until late at night. Skates are available for rent directly at the rink.


Ice stock sport

Ice stock sport is especially popular in alpine regions and is somewhat related to curling. Ice stock sport is an ancient popular sport. From a historic point of view, it can be attributed to traditions that evolved in regions with bodies of water that freeze over and that were only played in the winter time.

The ice stock sport rink in Mallnitz is located close to the Tauern Pool and is also open at night. The stocks can be rented directly at the ice stock sport rink.

Daily from 3 p.m.

Pole rent 3 EURO

Curling track admission 2 EURO per person (pole rent covers curling track)

Ice-skating free of admission (Schlittschuhverleih 2, 5 Euro)

Groups are asked for prior notification

Information: SeppKrainer

Tel: +43 650 88 41 103

Or +43 4784 255 20 (Tauernbad)

Rules of the game – team event 

In the team play, two teams try to slide the stocks from the starting point as closely as possible to the target (“Daube”). The target is placed onto the centre cross before the start of a turn. If the position of the “Daube” is changed within the target field as a result of action that is permitted based on the rules, it will remain in this new position which will be relevant for the grading. [1]. If it is outside the target field, it will be placed back onto the centre cross.

A team normally consists of four players, where every player must make one attempt per round. The objective is to bring one’s own stock into the best position (i. e. closer to the target than the opponent). Only stocks positioned within the target field will be graded.

One of the two teams starts the game by attempting to slide one of its stocks into the target field. The opposing team will then continue playing until one of its stocks achieves the best position. It is permitted that the position of the stocks located within the target field may be changed by the new stock; if a stock is pushed and stops outside the target field in the process, it will be removed.

As soon as a team runs out of stocks, it will be the opponents turn. Once both teams have played all their stocks, the round is finished and the team with the stock in the best position will be awarded the stock points. Three stock points will be awarded for the stock in the best location and two additional points will be awarded for every additional stock of the same team closer to the target than the closest stock of the opponent. If one or several stocks of the team with a stock in the best position do not reach or touch the field and the team is supposed to continue playing because the opponent ran out of stocks, 3 stock points will be awarded for the first stock and 2 points will be deducted for all other stocks. Every game has six rounds (source: WIKIPEDIA).


Tauern Valley tobogganing fun

A four kilometer illuminated toboggan run leads from Jamnigalm in the Mallnitz Tauern Valley at approximately 1700 m above sea level into the valley. A toboggan taxi is available to facilitate the ascent.