Snow rafting

Snow rafting

Conquer the slopes in a zodiac

Contrary to popular belief, zodiacs are not only suitable for splashing around in the summer time. Some of the more sturdy samples let you barge down snowy slopes in the winter time. This fun sport that stirs up many people’s blood is known as snow rafting.

The zodiacs used for snow rafting are rubber-reinforced rafting boats, not regular zodiacs. They can accommodate up to six people. The journey starts at a special downhill run. The selection of the slope is especially important because the possibilities to break are almost non-existent and the control is limited, in contrast to summer rafting. The run-out path must be sufficiently long to facilitate the breaking process. This is the case for the Köfele lifts. Moreover, no paddles for steering the zodiac are available for snow rafting.

The winter rafters still have some control over the boat. Similar to sailing, the direction of the boat can be affected by displacing the weight to one side. In snow rafting, some waves and moguls as well as short steep sections are the alternative to chutes and small riffles. A helmet should be worn for snow rafting to prevent serious injuries. Speeds of up to 50 km/h can be achieved on icy slopes.

In Mallnitz, snow rafting is available at the valley station of the Ankogel mountain cable car, near the Köfele lifts.