Addicted To Powder

Snowboards are winter sporting devices used for descending a snow-covered slope with telemark turns. Contrary to skiing, only one board is used.

This is the “dry” definition of this fun sport in the snow provided by WIKIPEDIA. At the beginning of the 1990s, the sport experienced an explosive growth in participants. Today, it is almost identical in size to the ski industry. Similar to the beginnings of skiing, snowboarding evolved into a strong youth culture and now possesses its own scene.

Since 1998, snowboarding has become an Olympic discipline for several categories.

Both the snow-safe Ankogel and the nearby Mölltal Glacier offer excellent snowboarding conditions.

Snowboarding at Ankogel

From the mountain station of the Ankogel mountain railways at 2,630 m above sea level, free riders among the snowboarders have access to the whole area incl. cliffs of any heights, backcountry kickers, channels and other spots. Hiking can be done elsewhere!

For freestylers, Ankogel also offers a small but nice kicker line, rails, boxes and a corner directly adjacent to the best shaped BC kickers which are covered by ultra-fine powder snow most of the season.

Free riding at Ankogel

Freeriding or alpine skiing away from groomed slopes has become the ultimate trend sport in recent years!

The high-altitude skiing area Ankogel in the winter resort Mallnitz is virtually the perfect location for this type of sport. Ankogel, the landmark mountain of Mallnitz is at the same time one of Austria’s mountains with guaranteed snow located in the most southerly federal state. Its vast hillsides and trenches are perfect for freeskiers and free riders. If the conditions are right, the descent all the way to the Böckstein train station is possible with a minor ascent – which is an absolute free ride highlight!

From the mountain station at an altitude of 2,630 m above sea level both traditional alpine skiers as well as free riders are able to access the entire zone of attraction. Hiking can be done elsewhere! Ankogel also has something to offer for freestylers: a small but nice kicker line, rails, boxes and a corner directly next to the best shaped BC kickers which are covered with super fine powder for most of the season.

Hint: Guided free ride tours with nationally certified ski guides are available every Wednesday during the 2010/11 winter season. Enjoy the free ride of your life – because our ski guides are “freaks” and know exactly where the best powder snow can be found!

Registration at: +43(0)4825-200 49

Meeting point: every Wednesday at 09:30 am at Wolligger Sports in the village centre!

Costs: € 50.00/person