Water sports


Canyoning is presumably one of the most spectacular options to escape the all too common daily (office) routine. The term describes the crossing of natural gorges from top to bottom using climbing and wildwater gear. It is an undescribable experience for any recreational adventurer. Mallnitz is the starting point. The tours will take you to Möll Valley and nearby eastern Tirol.

Following the natural course of a mountain brook, visitors will climb, slide, jump and swim together under the watchful eye of a guide; every gorge has its very own special “character”. Some of them require frequent abseiling in narrow passages while other gorges are conquered mainly by swimming. Correspondingly, the individual tours are distinguished by degree of difficulty – from beginner tours to advanced tours which will often last much longer.

The required equipment includes a warm Neoprene suit or a canyoning suit with reinforced elbow, knee and buttock areas. In addition, a hard helmet for the head and a special climbing belt around the hips are required, because the abseiling of the participants during the tours is for the most part passive. The equipment is usually provided by the organiser; you need to provide good shoes and a bathing suit.

The only condition for your participation is a certain basic degree of fitness and dexterity, where the psychological component is often more relevant. Trust in the material and the guide is crucial for abseiling heights of for example 50 m to allow the corresponding conduct and the proper execution of instructions.

By all means, the risk potential of canyoning is high, but it can be minimised with reasonable tour planning, proper equipment and professionally trained guides. This is one of the reasons why the tours are always planned on short notice. For example, if the weather is not cooperating or the water levels in the gorges are too high, we are forced to organise alternative tours for safety reasons.

You should also know that the journey to the gorges and rivers is often lengthy. In addition, it goes without saying that no hot water showers will be available at the end of the gorge and no change rooms at the entry of the gorge. This is a purely natural experience and every participant should be aware of this before starting the tour.

Canyoning only developed in the 1980s. However, the trendy sport did not originate in the USA where wide and easily accessible canyons are used, but in Europe.


The Möll river is calling

Wild adventure in wild waters. If you wish to enjoy untouched landscape while at the same time experiencing action, a rafting tour on the Möll river is perfect for you. The condition for rafting which gained increasing popularity as fun sport in recent years is some courage and good swimming skills.

The Möll river is located in one of the most beautiful Austrian mountain landscapes. It is about a 15 minute car ride away from Mallnitz. Floating on the back of the water through waves, rolls and turbulence lets you experience secrets of the river bed hikers will never be able to discover.

The route is ranked wild water category WW II and is very suitable for beginners as well. Rafting is divided into six degrees of difficulty, where WW I is the lowest category. WW II offers minor irregularities and simple obstacles. The degree of difficulty gradually increases up to class five from high irregular waves (WW II) to strong rolls (WW IV) and extreme gushes and turbulence (WW V). The highest degree of difficulty, WW VI reaches the “limits of accessibility” and is associated with a “high risk”.

Based on the stringent safety measures, rafting can generally be considered a safe recreational pastime. For example, rafting tours in Carinthia may only be lead by licensed boatmen. A safety meeting is held before the adventurers are permitted to hit the waters. In most cases, the special equipment is provided by the organiser. The rafters only have to bring a bathing suit and possess good swimming skills.

Because a turbulent wildwater chase requires team spirit, rafting is an ideal event for social and corporate excursions. In addition to the water adventures, the excursion includes an original Tirolean atmosphere and a relaxing get-together. We can only guarantee the one thing: no one will remain dry while rafting (text: „readyfornature“).


Fly-fishing, enjoying nature and relaxing is the motto for your vacation here with us. Lake Stappitz, an alpine lake with a size of 4 hectares which was declared a natural monument several years ago as well as the Seebach, Mallnitzbach and Tauernbach brooks with a combined length of about 14 km featuring beautifully clear alpine water and surrounded by the breathtaking mountain ranges of Hohe Tauern offer the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Fly-fish courses and guiding are also available.

In addition to fishery, the fly-fishing region of Mallnitz which has been in the possession of the Sterz (formerly Nosternig) family since 1871, also offers a unique wonder of nature in one of the most beautiful bodies of water in Austria. The brooks are exclusively stocked with fish from the family’s fish farm.

Fishing in the Mallnitz bodies of water is reserved for guests of the apartment complex 3 Gemsen; therefore, the estuary is never overcrowded.

The fishing season normally starts at the end of May and ends in mid-September.

The Seebach, Mallnitzbach and Tauernbach brooks merge in the centre of the village and are directly accessible by foot from the apartment complex 3 Gemsen. The natural monument Lake Stappitz is accessible in approximately 10 minutes by foot from the parking lot of Ankogelbahn. Once there, you can use our fishing boats from our fishing cabin or simply relax. Your fishing utensils can be stored in lockers.