Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing in Mallnitz – more than cross-country tracks!

The cross-country tracks around Mallnitz are among the best Carinthia has to offer. For their superior composition, the climatic spa resort was the first village in Carinthia to be awarded the “cross-country track quality seal”. The main reasons for the award: the idyllic location of the cross-country tracks amidst the surrounding valleys, excellent maintenance and many variations. Every cross-country fan, from beginners to well-versed cross-country experts are sure to find the perfect run among the 25 kilometers of track in Mallnitz (groomed for skating AND traditional cross-country almost throughout). Unique: the cross-country tracks continue all the way into the Hohe Tauern national park!


On snowshoes into the wintry national park

Snowshoe hikes are an ideal way to discover Hohe Tauern national park in the winter time! The guided snowshoe hikes with national park rangers are an absolute highlight. These experts of the sanctuary will lead you to the tracks of wild animals in the snow covered Tauerntal Valley! (Picture: (C) Tubbs Snowshoes – Koch Alpin)

Hint: The guided snowshoe hikes are free for guests with the “SaMo” card from the Alpine Pearls partner operations and the TauernAlpin partner operations!

Following the tracks of wild animals

The glistening winter wonderland of the Tauerntal Valley in Mallnitz is the destination of this snowshoe hike. Equipped with snowshoes and wrapped in warm clothing you will learn how to interpret tracks of wild animals.

When: Every Tuesday at 02:00 pm

Meeting place: BIOS national park centre Mallnitz

Duration: approx. 2 hours

Price: € 8.00/adults, € 6.00/children

In the realm of CHAMOIS

This snowshoe hike with a national park ranger provides the opportunity to observe chamois, Capricorns and golden eagles near Jamnigalm in Mallnitz. Travel back on a toboggan to Stocker Cabin (rest stop).

When: Every Thursday at 10:00:00

Meeting place: BIOS national park centre Mallnitz

Duration: approx. 5 hours

Price: € 15/adults, € 11/children (incl. taxi transfer and toboggan)

Please register at: +43 (0) 4784 / 701 or

Nordic Walking 

Smile, don’t pant – says Nordic walking trainer Margit Schilling-Czernobila of Lower Austria. Nordic walking is suitable for people of any age and fitness level. This sport is easy to learn and highly effective. Moreover, Nordic walking is an ideal fitness sport for winter at high altitudes.


Nordic walking is related to cross-country skiing. We use the physiological, diagonal motion associated with walking by applying force to poles with each stride. When the left heel sets down, the right pole is planted and vice versa, while the hips are turning diagonally with the arm movement. During the exercise, the upper body is slightly tilted forward, while the shoulders are relaxed. During the natural arm swing, the Nordic walking pole is angled far toward the back and brought to the front again. The hands are placed firmly around the pole when it is planted and they open as the pole is brought forward.

The walking speed can be increased (longer strides) with a stronger use of the arm and upper body muscles, thus enhancing the effectiveness of the training session. The foot rolls forward from the heel, mid-foot to the toe area.


The training sessions always consist of a warm-up, mobilization of the joints, simple Nordic walking technic and coordination exercises, Nordic walking of various intensities, motivational walking games, cool-down, stretch and relax.


The ideal attire consists of several thin layers of functional clothing. Functional clothing wicks the sweat away from the body to the surface of the fabric where the moisture quickly evaporates.

This enables you to shed layers as the body heat increases..

Cotton clothing is not suitable because it absorbs the moisture. As a result, the clothes become wet and heavy and rub against your skin.


Optimal shock absorption and good support are the key; special models are available for heavy walkers. Do not hesitate to seek advice in the specialty store: a good sales person will ask for your body weight, foot type, possible weaknesses or injuries.

One more hint: The volume of your feet increases over the course of the day, therefore, consider buying your shoes 1 size up.

Tauern Valley Nordic walking winter trail

Starting point: Behind Hubertus guesthouse (about 150 m after Tauernbad pool/BIOS) toward Gutenbrunn guesthouse, approximately 200 m from the wooden bridge.Between the road and Tauernbach river to Gutenbrunn guesthouse (about 1 km). The trail continues on the left side of the road between Tauerntalstraße and Tauernbachriver to the second wooden bridge (approx. 1 km). It continues to about 100 m in front of the ancient Gutenbrunn ruins, across the road to the right side, above the road along the forest path, above Gutenbrunn guesthouse to Haus Erika intersection (about 2.5 km).

End of trail: Intersection located about 100 m after Hubertus guesthouse

Duration: approx. 50 minutes

Length: 4.5 km

Altitude: Starting point approx. 1,240 m to ancient Gutenbrunn (approx. 1,240 m above sea level). Back along the forest path (approx. 1,300 m above sea level) to the end of the trail at approx. 1,240 m above sea level.

Degree of difficulty: Easy Nordic walking winter route along marked winter hiking trails with minor differences in altitude.

Characteristics: Nordic walking summit trail in a high valley in the heart of Hohe Tauern national park. Splendid view of Geiselspitze peak and Tauern main ridge.Possibility to stop for a bite to eat at Gutenbrunn guesthouse.