Mölltal Glacier Flattach

Mölltal Glacier Flattach

The summer in the mountains entices many vacationers from Carinthia as well as local residents to visit the Mölltal Glacier hiking paradise. The trip starts with the Glacier Express funicular railway. 8 minutes and 4.8 km later, guests find themselves at 2,200 metres above sea level in a completely different environment.

Visitors are welcomed by a refreshing change with comfortable temperatures compared to the hot days at the bathing pond. The “Gold digger cabin”, the “Europabar” and the “Weisseehaus” are the first stops along the path into adventure 3000. The continuous ride in the Ice Lake cable car for six people leads to the mountain station with the Ice Lake restaurant at 2,800 m above sea level.

Homepage of the glacier rail: https://www.gletscher.co.at

Glacier hiking trail with summit adventure

Many options are available to the avid hiker from here. The most popular route via glacier hiking trail to the summit at Schareck (3,122m) is only one of 14 different hiking options. It offers a stunning view of the Hohe Tauern mountains. The Sonnblick, Großglockner and 28 other giant mountains of Carinthia, Salzburg, Eastern Tirol, Southern Tirol, Italy and Slovenia form the impressive alpine backdrop of this excursion. Use the “Glacier Jet” chair lift for 6 persons for the comfortable return to the mountain station.

If it is time for a break, look for a pleasant space on the sun terrace of the “Glass Palace”. Deckchairs invite you to linger and admire the mountains, offering a perfect background for a picture for your photo album back home.

The mountain lakes at Mölltal Glacier

8 lakes with different sizes, such as the Ice Lake which lent its name to the restaurant, the White and Black Lakes, as well as Hochwurtenspeicher named after the Wurten Cheese, characterise the Mölltal Glacier panorama in the summer time. The lakes are used to harvest electrical current from water energy, an environmental and inexhaustible energy resource. At the same time, they are a beautiful resting place along one of the many hiking trails where the visitor can admire himself in the mountain lake with the Alps mirrored in the background.